ViMa's talents

ViMa would have been nothing without its highly skilled employees. The men and women working for ViMa represent a necessary value for the company, and their professionalism, rigor and know-how make up the key elements in ViMa's success.

Professional diversity is a vital part of ViMa`s work culture, and the employees’ multiple profiles, functions and nationalities are undeniable strengths for the company. The many opportunities and businesses that ViMa offers, along with our broad geographical presence, enables us to offer varied career paths for our talents.

Talent recruitment

We aim to attract, recruit and develop the best people regardless of their level of experience. Offering each incomparable career opportunities, the diversity of our activities is a certain appeal for candidates.
We are looking for pragmatic and creative talents that have a sense of leadership and a strong ability to adapt.

Because we see diversity as an asset, we are committed to not discriminate on age, gender, origin, opinions or any other personal characteristic of individuals in our recruitment process.

We have currently no job vacancies.