Founded in 2014, Majungasaurus Mall is an industrial park amounting to 650,000 square feet of leasable area. Located in the historical city of Majunga on the west coast of Madagascar, this space offers an industrial site for various businesses. What was once the former SOTEMA textile factory, ViMa's ambition is to transform its real estate portfolio into a commercial zone and office area, where various activities such as supermarkets, call centers, offices, agro-businesses, are gathered in one industrial park.

Majungasaurus Mall


With 32 hectares of urban land and 650,000 square feet of constructed space, VMH will become the first site in the west coast region that is both an industrial and commercial hub for the Majunga population. Located less than 6 kilometers from the seaport, 9 kilometers from Majunga National Airport, and with direct access to the capital on the RN4, Majungasaurus Mall offers optimal utility in all aspects. Using our space at Majungasaurus Mall, we have ambitious goals to include solar rooftops on our 650,000 square feet worth of constructed building space.


Current tenants in Majunga

Through our properties in Majunga (including and extending beyond VMH), ViMa’s tenants include:

*   Air Austral
*   Accès Banque Madagascar
*   Alliance Française
*   BMOI
*   Boutique CB
*   Canal +
*   Codismag
*   Ecole privée Arc en ciel
*   Holcim
*   Homeodisma
*   IRD (Institut de recherche pour le développement)
*   Ouest Sucre Namakia
*   Shoprite
*   Jumbo Score
*   Green Impex
*   Royal Impex


Majungasaurus Mall
Tanambao SOTEMA
sur la RN4
Tel. +261 32 60 520 06
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