ViMa WOODS is a leading player within the forest and wood industry in Madagascar. The company was created in 2010 and assures sustainable management of its forests. Our sawmill is located in Moramanga, a city strategically located between the capital city of Antananarivo and the port city of Tamatave.


Business Specs

Pine Forest Concession Size: 5,000 hectares

Pine Species (most to least common): Pinus Kesiya, Pinus Caribaea, Pinus Elliottii

Manufacture industrial products such as pallets (number one pallet supplier in the

country), boards, rafters, decks et cetera. Treated with Hydrokoat 5/Classe 4 with Autoclave

Market Presence/Clients in: Madagascar, Réunion, Mauritius, Mayottes

Notable Client: Ambatovy. Our largest client is Ambatovy, an 8 billion dollar project that mines and exports nickel and cobalt (funded primarily by Canadian, Japanese and South Korean enterprises, making it the largest business venture in the country). Their nickel and cobalt leaves the country on Vision Madagascar’s pallets.


Our Products

Among our products, we make boards, rafters, beams and pallets elements (treated with Hydrokoat 5/Classe 4 with Autoclave).
ViMa Woods Products


Lot II J 172 J – Alarobia Ivandry
101 Antananarivo – Madagascar
Tél. +261 (0)32 11 561 65

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