Founded in 2008, ViMa Serv’ offers customized solutions to its customers, with its main ambition to meet the expectations of its customers in terms of quality, cost, time, and specific tenders. By working extensively through invitation to tender with partners like the World Bank, ViMa is able to meet the increasingly sophisticated market trends by providing a diverse array of products and services. Positioning itself as a "one stop supplier", it offers the best products while meeting the expectations for quality, cost and time. Representing many brands, ViMa Serv’ imports and offers high-quality products to multiple industries in Madagascar (including the health, retail, construction, and technology sectors) while guaranteeing its customers the quality, reliability and cost of products offered.

What we offer


Within the retail sector, ViMa Serv’ provides the following products through its strategic and exclusive partnerships with premium brands such as Belle France.
Savory Grocery (appetizers, ready meals, pasta, canned foods)
Sweet Grocery (cereal, biscuits, chocolate, candies). ViMa is the exclusive distributor of Barry Callebaut chocolates in Madagascar House cleaning, hygiene, and beauty products.
Within the construction and mining sector, ViMa Serv’ offers structural and finishing work products including but not limited to plywoods, gabions, and metal sheets.
Through the health sector, ViMa Serv’ works with clients such as in the Ministry of Health by offering laboratory equipment and reagents.


A new branch under ViMa Serv’, ViMa Tek focuses primarily on working with factories abroad to manufacture tablets and phones, subsequently selling them by winning out various invitations to tender. Since ViMa Tek’s foundation in 2021, the branch has sold over 6,000 of its own ViMa Tek branded tablets and phones to its customers, including various government ministries.


ViMa Serv’
Lot II J 172 J – Alarobia
101 Antananarivo – Madagascar
Tél. +261 34 14 737 80

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