Focused on digitization, Vision Madagascar created in 2021 the ViMa Tek brand which meets the expectations expressed in Madagascar, in particular by various ministries. Specializing in high-tech, ViMa Serv’ has developed a range of technological equipment starting with a digital tablet, supplied with its protective cover, its compartmentalized transport case to store all accessories. Resolutely anchored in modernity, the brand includes a solar charger, making this equipment usable everywhere and for everyone.

What does ViMa Tek represent?


Innovation because, today, digitization is an essential step to improve our daily lives, access to knowledge, information, administration...
Power because our range of products is of good quality, it meets current technological requirements. And will always evolve in this direction.
The relationship because access to technology represents an opening to the world, allows us to stay in touch with those around us while expanding our network.


Sobriety, aesthetics, are the criteria of choice so that everyone has the pleasure of holding a beautiful object in their hands.
When it comes to efficiency, the digital tablet is proving to be a valuable ally in learning, training and work.
Finally, adaptability because we adapt our technological range to the image of our customers, notably by incorporating their visual identity.

With the ViMa Tek brand, Vision Madagascar continues to develop the means necessary to improve the quality of life of Malagasy people. "Create a new Madagascar", our will, our realization.


ViMa Serv’

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