Since 2015, ViMa has been a minority shareholder and a business partner of Symbion Power Madagascar.

About Symbion Power

Symbion Power is among the leading US energy investors in Africa’s power sector. A power infrastructure developer specializing in the investment, construction and operation of turnkey electric systems, which include high voltage transmission lines and distribution networks, switch-yards, power plants and substations. Symbion was also one the founding members of former President Barack Obama’s Power Africa Initiative and President Obama chose the Symbion Power Plant in Tanzania for its launch in 2013.

In 2015 US firm, Symbion Power invested in the rehabilitation of Mandroseza, a 40MW Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) power plant in Antananarivo.


Highlights of the Symbion Power Plant at Mandroseza:

  • 2015 – Symbion mobilized in Madagascar in April and a PPA was signed later in the year.
  • 2016 – Fuel supply agreement was signed in October
  • 2016 – Symbion Power Mandroseza commenced rehabilitation of the 40MW plant and the first engine of 10MW was energized within two months.
  • 2017 – By August, the plant was operating at its full capacity of 40MW.
  • 2017 – In Antananarivo the maximum demand during the evening peak was just 228 MW; with the entire country demand being only 350MW.
  • 2017 – The introduction of low cost (3 cents kwh) power had a positive effect on system stability in Antananarivo.