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Vision Madagascar (ViMa) is a company based in Madagascar with one main vision: «Creating a New Madagascar». Located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, ViMa’s goal is to contribute to the development of Madagascar with its companies.

History of the company

ViMa was founded in year 2000 by its Chairman, Zouzar BOUKA. Consisting of companies working in various sectors, ViMa operates within real estate, the wood industry, business centers, service and procurement, and more. The real estate division is currently playing the biggest role, with ViMa Real Estate, ViMa Business Centers and ViMa Majunga Hub as productive companies.

Being a pioneer in the business park concept of Madagascar, ViMa has an impressive lessee portfolio, such as embassies, international institutions, and Fortune 500 companies.

Currently, ViMa consists of the following companies:

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Vision Indian Ocean (VIO)

Vision Indian Ocean (VIO) is the holding company of all the companies created under the Vision Madagascar brand. VIO, which is a Malagasy based structure, is owned 100% by Zouzar Bouka.

Key Figures

All regions of Madagascar

All regions of Madagascar


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