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Products and Services 


Vima Wood Industry currently produces around 5000m3/an finished products. This production will be doubled or more and will be brought to diversify by acquiring of new and more powerful hardware.

Vima Wood Industry produit essentiellement :




220 X 25 X 4










76 X 76 X 4

76 X 76 X 3,90

76 X 38 X 4

76 X 38 X 3,90

150 X 50 X 5,80

100 X 50 X 5,80

50 X 50 X 5,80

38 X 38 X 4

38 X 38 X 3,90

Wood Pallets elements




90 X 38 X 1,02

90 X 38 X 0,76

95 X 25 X 1,12

95 X 25 X 0,76

150 X 25 X 1,12

2. Services

The benefits of Vima Wood Industry are mainly::

  • The quality of its products

Vima Wood Industry has recognized expertise by professional wood processing and its customers. It took particular care products delivered to customers through the control of the production process. Quality inspections are also carried out at each stage of the process and before delivery.

It should be noted that all the products are treated with a treatment product. The goal is preventive protection boards against attacks from insects, termites, fungi and anti-blue stain.

These products are also artificially kiln dried. The goal is to accelerate the natural drying but also to control the moisture content required by customers.

  • The quality of its services

Customer satisfaction is the main concern of Vima Wood Industry. The company offers to its clients: seriousness, availability and skills..

Vima Wood Industry is currently necessary steps to obtain the ISO9001 standard.