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Leader in the development and real estate sector, Vima REAL ESTATE specializes in office leasing.


It also promotes the development of buildings for residential, commercial and industrial use.

Pioneer in the "Business Park" concept, Vima REAL ESTATE offers its tenants an environment that does not forget the men and women who go to work and live and, by attaching a great importance to valuing their need of space, green areas, architectural design and fluid access.
It justifies its position in the domestic market through its compliance with safety standards and an increasingly stringent quality provided by specialists and qualified subcontractors.

In Brief

Chief Executive Officer:  Louis-Marie STOLLSTEINER    

Explorer Business Park                                                           
BP 12 128                                                                                       
101 Antananarivo –  Madagascar                                                            

Phone: +261 20 22 330 93 | 22 338 31
Fax: +261 20 22 338 32

E-mail: vima@visionmadagascar.com