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2011: Vima Construction is on standby - awaited for the National crisis to end.

2011: Development work of a Hangar Studio for RTA - Antananarivo

2011: Rehabilitation and expansion of REGUS future offices

2011: Rehabilitation and expansion of NOKIA SIEMENS future 2010: Development of the main Agency of the MAURITIUS COMMERCIAL BANK-Antananarivo (EBP)

2010: Construction of the Hotel de Ville Antananarivo (Second work)

2010: Construction of extra rooms (kitchen, toilets, booths) ZAIN - Antananarivo (EBP)

2010: Development Data Room ZAIN - Antananarivo (EBP)

2009: Development BGFI Bank - Antananarivo (EBP)

2009: Extension of the elevation of JOFFRE HOTEL - Toamasina

2009: Building of ZAIN New Headquarters - Antananarivo (EBP)

2009: Flow Redevelopment of the Andranomahery Agency of BREWERIES STAR - Antananarivo

2009: Building local, roofing, glazing, gutters SACIMEM - Antsirabe

2009: Construction of the City Hall of Antananarivo (shell)

2009: Demolition within THB BREWERIES STAR - Antananarivo

2009: Construction of a 960m2 paving and excavation of a platform for SIMA company -Antananarivo

: Construction of 5 schools + landscaping - Antananarivo and Antsirabe

: Construction of the STAR’s warehouse - Mahajanga


2006: Residence of the Embassy of Algeria in Ambatobe

2005: Construction of a R+2 building, Headquarters of Logistique Pétrolière- EBP Antanana

2005: Rehabilitation works of the embassies of Norway and Thailand - EBP - Antananarivo