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Company Milestones 

Key Figures

Staff at July 1, 2014: 193 employees
Geographical location: All provinces of Madagascar
Surface of our rental properties: + 79 000m ²
Surface of our land reserve (Urban): + 92 hectares
Overall occupancy rate: 95%


Key dates

28/01/1991                         Creation of Vima Wood industry

20/05/2000 :                       Creation of Vima REAL ESTATE


22/02/2008 :                       Creation of Vima SERV’

29/02/2008 :                       Creation of Vima CONSTRUCTION

December 2010:              Delivery of the Town Hall of Antananarivo

February 2011 :                 Start of the partnership between Mozarteum (Association promoting classical music) and Vima

01/06/2012:                       Creation of Century 21® Madagascar

01/06/2013:                       Creation of World Trade Center Tana

30/08/2013                        SOTEMA acquisition

24/06/2014                        Merger of Bois de Madagascar by Vima Wood Industry