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Group Overview 

Vima is one of the leading groups in real estate (Vima REAL ESTATE), in construction (Vima construction), in services (Vima serv’), and in wood industry (Vima Wood Industry) in Madagascar.


Creating a new Madagascar

Our vision

Founded in 2000, its chairman, Zouzar Bouka, aims to make of Vima a major player in the development of a new Madagascar, a country in which private companies contribute to improve Malagasy people’s quality of life.

In 2012, VIMA Group acquired two new strategic sites in the west coast of Madagascar:

The first land is a property of 32 hectares with 60 000 m2 of buildings allocated for commercial and industrial activities, and the second acquisition is a land of 2.5 hectares dedicated for fishing industry with a factory, a laboratory and a refrigerated storage area (6 tons /day).

 Our Mission

The deep drive and enthusiasm men and women of the group give, fosters a real development that allows a higher achievement of large-scale projects every year.

The key success of Vima group lie in giving out all energy, know-how and expertise to produce irreproachable and satisfactory services to customers and partners.


 Our leader

> Chairman : Zouzar BOUKA

 Our subsidiaries

Vima Real Estate, Vima construction,Vima serv, Vima Wood Industry , Vima VOG

 Simplified organization chart