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The subsidiaries 


  •   Vima REAL ESTATE

Owner of a large property entirely rented, Vima REAL ESTATE’s main activity consists of the development and the management of real estate.

  • Vima CONSTRUCTION                          

Vima CONSTRUCTION, one of the leading building and public works companies in Madagascar, has recently achieved the City hall of Antananarivo, an expected building full of history.

  • Vima SERV’                                     

Company of services coaching its customers in their process of “purchasing and supply”.
Vima SERV’s is specialized in the following activities: purchasing, resale, export of local products, import, sales of products and goods.

  • Vima WOOD INDUSTRY                        

Owner of pine forest in Moramanga, Vima WOOD INDUSTRY intervenes in the forestry exploitation and the timber industry via our service providers: Satob and Bois de Madagascar.

  • Vima HOSPITALITY                           

Shortly present in the hotel operations, Vima HOSPITALITY aims to build a retail park in Madagascar.

  • Vima COM                                      

Vima COM takes actions in the operating systems of telephone or radio, wired or wireless and in the commercialization of all materials related to the system.

  • AGULHAS                      

Company acquiring lands and buildings.