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Recruitment Policy 

 Professional diversity: part of the VISION MADAGASCAR's Culture

VIMA is composed of men and women who contribute to the success and development of the Group. Their multiple profiles, functions or locations is a great undeniable strength.

We are committed to promoting the development and career aspirations of all our employees.

The plurality of our oppertunities and businesses, as well as the breadth of our geographic presence enables us to offer our talents varied career paths.

 Talent recruitment: strategic pillar of HR policy

In addition to developing internal talent, external recruitment is a necessary contribution to the dynamism of the Group.

We aim to attract, recruit and develop the best people regardless of their level of experience. Offering each incomparable career opportunities, the diversity of our activities is a certain appeal for candidates.

We recruit exceptional individuals, pragmatic and creative, with a leadership temperament and with a strong ability to adapt.

Because diversity is an asset, we are committed in our recruitments not discriminate on age, gender, origin, opinions or any other personal characteristic of individuals.

 Employee development: Human Resources' priority

One of the major objectives of the Human Resources Group is to build strong teams, creative and passionate about developing their skills through an ambitious device.

The starting point of any training is the analysis of the strategic plan of each subsidiary and major challenges ahead.

Thus, the formation of each employee is a lever that can increase its performance a key moment in a key function.

VIMA actively supports the professional development of its employees by offering them opportunities for training and professional development.

 An attractive remuneration combining enhancement and motivation

The remuneration policy of the Group is based on a culture of "challenge to mutual progress." It covers:

•    An enhancement of individual performance, which includes:

  • A fixed salary that pays the staff's ability to conduct missions that position through the mastery of skills required
  • A variable bonus that pays individual performance

•    An association collective performance, which is represented by a random variable incentive bonus calculated on the result of the company.

To join us, please submit your application online on the "career/recruitment" webpage.